What Does It Do

fleetOPTIMAL is specialized in assessment of alternative low-carbon emission vehicles on the lifetime scale of vehicles. Furthermore, it also helps optimizing cost and downtime of your fleet, by predicting optimal operating policies between consecutive maintenances services. With the underlying methodologies applied fleetOPTIMAL surpases the Best practices / Heuristic approaches in Engineering Analysis and brings business opportunity assessment & environmental cost-benefits consideration to a realistic operational level.

What Does It Deliver

The fleetOPTIMAL platform is build within the IoT (Internet of Things) framework. Together with sensor data generated by your fleet combined with (alternative) data sources and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, fleetOPTIMAL predicts your fleet's optimal refuelling, maintenance and / or fleet composition strategies. Since the underlying algorithms constantly adapts itself using past predictions and newly arrived information, it guarantees that your fleet continues to operate under optimal KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), while minimizing its carbon footprint.


Combines all sources of data to gain insight in relevant fleet features & patterns


Integrates advanced machine learning agorithms to enhance decision making


Returns fleet operating policies while ensuring optimal key performance indicators

Combined Advanced Analytics & IoT for Better Fleet Performance

Make Right Decision, Faster

Surpassing Best Practices in Engineering Analysis, while bringing Business Opportunity Assesment & Environmental Cost Benefits Considerations to realistic levels all from one Platform.

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